IMPORTANT NOTICE Regarding License Testing:  PSI Services has reopened meeting social distance requirements.  Candidates must provide their own face masks and gloves and properly dispose of them upon leaving the testing site.  Face masks must be removed during check-in for photograph purposes.

FROM THE MREC on January 26, 2021:  The Professional Registration building will re-open to walk-ins effective Monday, February 1, 2021.  We will expect attendees to practice COVID-19 precautionary measures.  Only three people will be allowed in the lobby at a time (socially distanced).  If more than three people arrive, the fourth and subsequent people will be asked to wait in their vehicles and the receptionist will call them when a slot opens in the lobby.  The PR drop box will remain available just outside the main entrance to the building (on the left).  Licensees and applicants can drop sealed envelopes in that drop box at any time (24/7) addressed to the appropriate Board or Commission.